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ANNO 2070 Game Manager.

Online Mod Catalog Discussion

UbisoftGameLauncher Timed Interaction Demo
Download the demo planned release. Run the executable and go to Game>Launch in the tray area.

Planned Patch Deployment
From what I'm seeing on the forums is that the files have to be modded inside of the RDA. The basic idea behind deploying a mod would be:
  • Wait for AutoPatcher to finish.
  • Select a zipped file of all the files that should be included in the RDA (new and existing)
  • Extract the latest patchX.rda into a temporary folder.
  • Extract the zipped mod to the same temporary folder, overwriting any existing files.
  • Use RDAExplorer.dll to recreate the patchX.rda.
  • Copy the created patchX.rda over to \maindata
  • Start the game.

Backup and recover options are possible also. When the game quits, the original patchX.rda can be moved back into \maindata. This would prevent the AutoPatcher from downloading the patchX.rda on failed MD5 next time.

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